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Boletim da IEA - Novembro de 2021

Atualizado: 8 de dez. de 2021

IEA's Foundation Plaque Replaced

The International Ergonomics Association was founded in 1959. In 1990, in recognition of the 30th anniversary of the foundation of the International Ergonomics Association, a plaque was placed in the building where the IEA was initiated - the headquarters of the Netherlands Institute for Preventive Medicine (NIPG). IEA Historian Ernst Koningsveld, along with the new owners of the building and the president of Human Factors NL (Netherlands) recently replaced the plaque. Read more about this important event, as well as the history of the IEA here:

IEA/ILO Document Published by International Labour Organization

The collaborative IEA/ILO document Principles and Guidelines for HFE Design and Management of Work Systems is now officially published by the International Labour Organization. The completed Principles and Guidelines document is intended to serve as a technical basis for the ILO to develop an international labour standard on workplace good practice on human factors/ergonomics. The electronic version (and a draft version in Spanish) is available from the IEA website at: and from the ILO website at:

Transitioning from Industry 4.0 to 5.0 -- Call For Special-Issue Article Submissions

Grown out of efforts from IEA 2021, this special issue of the International Journal of Production Research aims to further the Industry 5.0 agenda with a focus on human-centric production and logistics system design and management. It draws on the technological potentials of Industry 4.0 while adopting the human-centred goals of Industry 5.0 for increased sustainability of these systems for employees. To this end, the special issue will publish innovative approaches for the integration of human factors in production and logistics system design and management to create highly sustainable, human-centric and resilient work systems that use sophisticated technology to contribute to human prosperity. The submission deadline is 31 December 2021. For more information please visit:

ISE Quarterly Newsletter Update

The quarterly newsletter of the Indian Society of Ergonomics (ISE), Vol. 25, No. 3, highlights recent member activities and accolades, and the forthcoming 19th International Conference of the ISE -- Humanizing Work and Work Environment -- to be held online from 29 November - 3 December 2021. For more information please download their newsletter linked at the bottom of this webpage:


IEA Webinar on Human-Robot Interaction

Human factors and ergonomics are crucial topics for the future development of robotic technologies. The application of diverse robotic technologies in different settings such as manufacturing, healthcare, and others is increasing steadily. In particular, robotic systems that closely interact with humans have the potential to challenge current human factors and ergonomics research. In this webinar, international experts (Drs. Julie Shah, Arash Ajoudani, and Patricia Rosen) will present various perspectives on human factors and ergonomics in robotics on 15 December 2021 from 15:00 - 16:30 UTC. This webinar is organized by the International Ergonomics Association's Technical Committee on Human Factors in Robotics (HFiR). The webinar is free of charge. To register, please visit:

IEA Webinar on Affective Design Research Directions

The International Ergonomics Association's Technical Committee on Affective Design has organized a webinar to be held on 27 November 2021 at 10:30 UTC (6:30 p.m. Manila time). Presentations will include "Introduction to Kawaii Engineering" by Professor Michiko Ohkura, and "AI and Affective Interface Design" by Dr. Anirban Chowdhury. The event flyer and registration link are available here:

IEA-Endorsed Events

HWWE 2021 - Humanizing Work and Work Environment

The 19th International Conference of the Indian Society of Ergonomics will be held online, from 29 November-3 December 2021 on the theme, "user centered design for quality of life." The conference is hosted by the Center for Ergonomics: User Centered Design and Occupational Wellbeing in the Department of Design at the Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati. For more information, including a list of the accepted papers, please visit:

3rd International Ergonomics Conference Sponsored by SOCCERGO

The Sociedad Científica de Ergonomía Ecuatoriana (SOCCERGO) will sponsor the 3rd International Ergonomics Conference to be held 9-10 December 2021. For additional information, please contact Janeth Fernanda Jiménez Rey, Loja-Ecuador,, 593 994 566 649.

Other Events

ISQua Global Healthcare Emergencies Event

The IEA has and continues to work closely with the International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua) to further the aims of improving quality and safety in healthcare. On the 23rd of November, ISQua is hosting a virtual event entitled Global Healthcare Emergencies, with two events that have relevance to the field of human factors and ergonomics, one on Climate Emergencies – Role of the Health Sector, and Challenges and Opportunities for the SEIPS Model with Drs. Pascale Carayon and Paul Bowie. A small fee is associated with registration, and a limited number of free registrations are available for participants based in lower-middle income and lower income countries. For more information please visit:

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